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Why should SMEs think more about data?

By Nancy Barrueta and Yair Piña, Data Analysis of the Wadwhani Foundation

Much has been said about the fourth industrial revolution and all the technologies that emanate from it, such as: artificial intelligence , the internet of things , the automation of processes through robotics, big data, among many others. plus.

But at the time of landing these technologies to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the process becomes complicated, so many companies prefer to put these technologies aside without seeing the great benefits they can offer them.

It is because of the above that this article aims to show the benefits that data science offers when it is part of the processes of companies, specifically in SMEs.

Let’s talk about data science

Data science as many data scientists describe it is actually quite simple, without being trivial. For us it is the “art” of combining, calculating and reporting knowledge from different sources and data inputs.

Now let’s look at the example where a business has a lot of data, and data science is the little magic in the middle that can help bring all of this information together to enable you to make smarter business decisions and make the most of all of your available resources.

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