Phishing is any proposition for jobs or personal information in return for money by way of email, telephone or text message. These are acts of impersonation where a person poses as a member of a legitimate organization.

If the user clicks on any link to the email, it takes the user to a phishing website which is identical to the official entity’s website. If the users enter their user names and passwords, the phishing website captures the user names and passwords.

In order to protect yourself from such phishing attacks, we urge the users of the website of Wadhwani Foundation (the “Foundation”) to do the following:

  1. If you receive an email or text message that asks you to click on a link or open an attachment, please ask yourself if you know the sender or have an account with the Foundation. If the answer is ‘no’, it could be a phishing link. If the answer is ‘yes’, contact the Foundation, using a phone number or website you know is real. Do not click on the information in the email or text message as these links may install harmful malware.
  2. Emails from the Foundation will never request a user to click on a hyperlink in order to verify the user’s authentication credentials (e.g., user name, password, challenge questions and answers). If a user receives an email from the Foundation which requests that the user verify the user’s authentication credentials through a hyperlink, the user should not click on the link.
  3. Update the software on your computer/laptops/mobile devices periodically to deal with any new security threats.

Please be advised that the Foundation or Foundation employees, grantees, or partner organizations do not:

If you have responded to a phishing email or text and you think the scammer has your information, please email

Please note that the Foundation assumes no liability for damages caused through such phishing attacks.

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