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Our Programs

Empowering millions with world-class resources to enhance their livelihoods.

From Skilling to Entrepreneurship to Innovation & Research to Government Digital Transformation; every program under these initiatives is curated to accelerate job growth and enable millions to earn a family-sustaining wage and lead a dignified life.

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Equipping students with skills knowledge, and experiential learning for their entrepreneurial path.

Tailored guidance to develop compelling strategies and raise funding for startups.

Enabling founders and business owners build leadership capacity and achieve 3x growth.

Enable businesses to identify opportunities, develop plans, and accelerate growth.

Offers AI-powered sector-agnostic workplace readiness skills that are most valued by employers.

Enabling students for sector-specific careers.

Enabling digital transformation that increases the impact and outcomes of government policy, initiatives and programs.

Research center in bioengineering at IIT Bombay driving commercialization of academic research.

Building and deploying AI solutions for social good.

Experiential Lab at IIT Bombay to build impactful innovations in electronic systems and replicate the model across other Institutes.

Sectorial Skills

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