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Employability Skills

Offers AI-powered sector-agnostic workplace readiness
skills that are most valued by employers.

In today’s dynamic job market, securing and sustaining employment requires more than technical expertise. Essential soft skills such as communication, adaptability, professionalism, customer focus, and innovation—collectively known as “Employability Skills”—are crucial for competitiveness. 

Our program, developed through feedback, extensive research, and insights from over 2,000 employers, targets 15 key in-demand skills necessary for securing a family-sustaining job. It includes interview preparation to ensure learners are upskilled and job ready. Delivered through classroom-based learning and supplemented by a mobile-first, AI copilot-powered experiential learning platform, our program features scenario-based simulations making learning fun & on-demand. Learner analytics allow programs to be personalized to each learner’s needs and style. 

We offer the JobReady program for students and apprentices from various educational institutes such as Industrial Training Institutes (ITI’s), Vocational Training Institutes (VTI’s), Diploma and Degree colleges, equipping them with the right skills needed to confidently enter the workforce.  

Additionally, our JobRise course helps companies upskill their employees, enhancing workplace success. 

We work extensively with our network of academic and government partners & employers to offer the Employability Skills program to their students & new hires. To introduce this program in your organization or institute, please reach out to us here. 

Individual learners eager to enhance their skills can also benefit from our modular programs, through a simple registration process. 

Did you know?

The Employability Skills textbooks published by NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) for students of classes 9 to 12 of India’s CBSE board (Central Board of Secondary Education) are co-authored by Wadhwani Foundation!

Key Offerings

Empowerment Pathways 

Who’s It For 

Apprentices, Freshers, Foundational Skill Builders  

Key Skills Covered

15 Competencies 

Journey Duration 

120 hours 

Empowerment Pathways 

Who’s It For 

Employees with 1-3 years of experience, Skill Advancers 

Key Skills Covered

10 Competencies 

Journey Duration 

70 hours 

Personalized Skill Scorecard​

Upon program completion, the learner gets their own personalized Employability Skills scorecard. This scorecard provides a comprehensive picture of their performance across each competency, enabling them to showcase their strengths to prospective employers.

The scorecard also serves as a valuable tool for employers to quickly filter out potential job hires based on the competency or skill they need.

Who is this for?

Industrial Training Institutes (ITI’s), Vocational Training Institutes (VTI’s), Diploma and Degree colleges

We work extensively with our network of academic partners to offer the Employability Skills program to their students. Explore offering this program in your institute here.

We help companies skill up their existing employees on these core competencies and achieve success in the workplace. A win-win for both the employer and employee! Inquire about the possibility of introducing this program to your organization here.

Individual Learners
Any one with the zest to learn and up-skill is welcome to experience our core and next-level modular programs through a simple registration process.

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