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Our Impact

Reflecting on our journey
towards a better tomorrow.

From building bridges to breaking barriers, the Foundation has championed change and impacted millions of lives across the world, with its diverse initiatives.

Today, we celebrate the positive footprint of these ventures over the past five years.

Success Stories

A glimpse into some of the lives our Foundation has impacted.

Diogo Bezerra

CTO, Mais1Code

I'm part of a company that helps people get their first job in Brazil, and our partnership with Wadhwani means we can bring knowledge in soft skills to many young people.

Jady Trindade

Communication Coordinator, NEOBPO

Fernando Dalbão

Educational Manager, ESPRO

Vitor Magnani


Initiatives like the Wadhwani Foundation that combine technology with soft skills, or power skills, are very important. It's a big step for education in Brazil

Alessandro Saade

Executive Superintendent, ESPRO

Andréia Cardoso

Academic Director, Refuturiza

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