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Why good communication skills are important for our life

Since 100,000 BCE, communication has been the most significant part of human expression and interaction. Even in the 21st century, where everything is digital, the best way for one to express themselves and interact with others is through one’s communication skills. This holds true for one’s chosen profession as well.

Good communication skills help you articulate your thoughts well and this gives you a significant advantage over others! This will help you succeed in interviews, do your job effectively, discuss the problem at hand, interact with various stakeholders, and in general, have good interpersonal skills.

So, here are seven communication soft skills for success: 

  1. Storytelling is Key!

We are all emotional beings, and narratives appeal to us as it enables us to receive and process information more easily. Compelling storytelling takes practice. A narrative approach in company meetings, job interviews, and during presentations enhances one’s employability skills.

  1. Art of Persuasion!

As globalization, automation, and artificial intelligence disrupt every field, having a good idea is not enough. Communicating the idea effectively is important. Hence, persuasive forms of communication are critical employability skills. It helps you stand out and gets you ahead of the pack. All great communicators including business leaders of successful companies include a three-part formula in their day-to-day communication – their credibility, the audience’s emotions, and strong logic to their argument.

  1. Breaking through emotional barricades!

Getting through to someone is critical in today’s attention-deficit digital world. It is possible only when you break down the barriers put up by coworkers, clients, and the competition. Things can go from bad to worse if you cannot break through these emotional barricades and get the message thoroughly registered. You will need to learn how to build empathy and get buy-in while communicating with difficult individuals.

  1. Asking the right questions!

A powerful question can make a difference between success and failure. Skillfully asking the right question is an important arsenal of one’s communication skills. This helps you make a connection with the individual and deepen your professional relationship.

  1. Listening without bias!

Listening is an important communication skill. Today most of us communicate electronically where it is a one-way flow of information and this has resulted in individuals feeling less connected and more divided. To truly engage with another individual, we need to listen without biases. Mindfully absorb their point of view without making a mental note of what should be your response. Most individuals just want to be heard!

  1. Presenters need to inspire!

Presentations are the most common communication tool in today’s corporate world. However, it needs to move beyond information dissemination. Presenters need to inspire the audience and persuade them to move towards action. Unfortunately, many times, the presenters do not resonate with their audience! A good presentation will enable you to connect with your audience and lead them towards purposeful action. Building a presentation today is like penning a documentary – the audience is the main character in the story while the presenter is their mentor.

  1. Writing from the reader’s perspective!

While spoken communication may get the most attention, it is still good writing skills that separate great leaders from good. It is one of the most sought-after employability skills. Yet there is a lot of bad writing in the corporate world. Is it because the English language has been corrupted by texting and social media? No, it is simply due to the writer’s inability to put oneself in the reader’s shoes and accept that the reader might not visualize everything from their perspective.

So remember, as we progress and modernize, so does our communication! With information becoming the currency of the world, communication skills become the priority for success in your professional world.

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