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BW People & Wadhwani Foundation Unite To Redefine ‘Employability Skills’ Landscape

The aim is to foster insightful discussions among CHROs, leading to the creation of an unprecedented report titled “Unlocking Success: The Why and What of Employability Skills.” The event is scheduled to take place on 2 February at The Leela Ambience, Gurugram

In a groundbreaking initiative, BW People, in association with Wadhwani Foundation, is convening over 40 HR leaders and industry veterans for a strategic HR Meet-Up on 2 February 2024, at The Leela Ambience, Gurugram. The focal point of the event is to foster insightful discussions among CHROs, leading to the creation of an unprecedented report titled “Unlocking Success: The Why and What of Employability Skills.”

In an era of dynamic market demands and continuous technological advancements shaping employability landscapes, the report will delve into the pivotal role of employability skills in national development. Created collaboratively by leading HR leaders and professionals, the report not only underscores the significance of employability skills but also outlines effective strategies for their development and implementation. By aligning talent acquisition, retention and career advancement with broader national development goals, the report aims to provide a roadmap for organisations to meaningfully contribute to the workforce of the future.

“I believe the fusion of AI and a skill-first approach to hiring will be key to shaping a future-ready workforce. It will also need a unified effort from academia, industry, government, NGO’s and private organizations. I am looking forward to connecting with industry leaders on how we can partner to drive this transformative agenda forward, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to unlock their full potential and contribute meaningfully to the future of work,” shares Ajay Kela, President & CEO, Wadhwani Foundation.

The discussion will focus on four key aspects including:

  • Exploration and methodologies for behavioural training, where leaders will investigate the role of behavioural skills in enhancing employability and their impact on workplace productivity and outline methodologies for effective behavioural training, including experiential learning, mentorship programmes and digital learning platforms.
  • Cutting-edge tactics in talent acquisition where leaders will analyse emerging trends in talent acquisition, discuss strategies to attract diverse talent and how inclusivity strengthens organisational capability and highlight the importance of aligning talent acquisition with national development goals to foster a skilled and adaptable workforce.
  • Effective strategies for maintaining employee retention and facilitating career progression, where leaders will identify key factors contributing to employee retention, including workplace culture, career development opportunities and employee engagement initiatives and develop frameworks for career progression that not only meet individual aspirations but also align with organisational goals.
  • Practical application of behavioural training, where leaders will provide actionable guidelines for integrating behavioural training into organisational development programmes and illustrate how behavioural training can be customised to meet specific organisational needs while contributing to broader national development objectives.

“We are thrilled to bring together esteemed HR leaders and industry veterans for this transformative meet-up. The creation of the ‘Unlocking Success: The Why and What of Employability Skills’ report is a pioneering initiative that underscores the crucial role of employability skills in national development. This event represents a significant milestone in fostering impactful contributions to the workforce of the future, and we look forward to the meaningful outcomes that will shape the future of HR management and organisational development,” says Talees Rizvi, Director, BW People & BW CFO World.

The event promises a comprehensive exploration for the report, ensuring each section aligns with the central theme of national development while addressing specific areas of HR management and organisational development.

“As the CHRO of Wadhwani Foundation, I am honoured to be part of this groundbreaking initiative with BW People. The ‘Unlocking Success’ report will highlight not just the importance of employability skills but also offers actionable strategies to drive meaningful change,” says Gaurav Saini, Chief Human Resources Officer, Wadhwani Foundation.

Commenting on the initiative, Sunil Dahiya, Executive Vice President, Skilling, Wadhwani Foundation adds, “At Wadhwani Foundation, our dedication to skilling and empowering individuals has been unwavering since our inception. Partnering with BW People for this strategic HR Meet-Up signifies our commitment to redefining the employability skills landscape. Through our skilling initiatives, we aim to equip individuals with the in-demand skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world. I look forward to engaging with industry experts to explore innovative solutions and drive impactful change in workforce development.”

For over two decades since its establishment in 2000, the Wadhwani Foundation, a global not-for-profit organisation, has remained dedicated to an impactful mission: expediting job growth and empowering millions to attain a family-sustaining income, leading lives of dignity. The Foundation has been a force for positive change, influencing the lives of millions in various countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. It achieves its objectives through four central initiatives being entrepreneurship, skilling, innovation & research and government digital transformation.

Source: BW People

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