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Wadhwani Foundation

Wadhwani Center for Government Digital Transformation (WGDT)

WGDT proudly presents an extensive collection of online courses, meticulously crafted for government officers and policymakers. These courses, focusing on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, are readily accessible on the iGOT Karmayogi Bharat platform as well as on our platform, named GenieAI!

All our online training courses are free. Enrich your professional capabilities by enrolling today and propel your career in government service forward with the latest technological advancements!

Course Benefits

Our courses aim to empower officials and policymakers like you to lead and execute digital transformation initiatives within your departments and beyond. By leveraging emerging technologies, you can improve public service delivery, strengthen governance, and make better-informed decisions. The content ranges from application-based use cases across sectors ensuring value for everyone.

Enrolment and Information

We cordially invite you to enroll and commence your learning journey with courses meticulously developed by WGDT on the iGOT Karmayogi Bharat Platform. For existing users, please log in to access our specialized courses. Click here

If you do not have access to the iGOT Karmayogi Bharat platform, we encourage you to explore our Learning Management System (LMS), GenieAI, featuring the innovative ChatGPT-based AI Mentor. Sign up and start your learning journey on digital transformation with us! Click here

We are pleased to offer all our online training courses pro bono. Enhance your professional skills with us at no cost.

Course Offerings

Introduction to Emerging Technologies

A foundational course to familiarize government officials with the basics and importance of emerging technologies in the digital era.

Data Driven Decision Making

Learn to leverage data for insightful, evidence-based decision-making.

ChatGPT and Generative AI Tools, an Introduction

Discover the potential of Generative AI models like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude in transforming public service delivery

AI for Digital Transformation. Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Explores how AI, through Machine Learning and Deep Learning, is reshaping the digital landscape.

AI for Digital Transformation. Computer Vision

Understand how AI interprets and analyzes visual data to solve complex problems.

AI-led Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Explore how AI is revolutionizing healthcare through improved diagnostics, patient care, and research.

AI-led Digital Transformation in Healthcare:

AI-led Digital Transformation in Healthcare:

Blockchain for Secure and Trusted Records

Learn the principles of Blockchain technology to ensure the integrity and security of digital records.

New Courses Coming Soon!

ChatGPT and Generative AI Tools and Applications for Government Officials

This course offers insights into document summarization, efficient data analysis, and report writing, driving digital transformation in government operations.

AI-led Digital Transformations in Agriculture

Learn the basics of AI and its transformative applications in agriculture and farmers’ welfare, covering operations from sowing and irrigation to fertilisation and post-harvest activities using AI.

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