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Out Team

A talented powerhouse that drives our initiatives from the ground up.

Team Members

A man smiling at the camera, standing with his arms crossed. he has a beard and a short haircut, wearing a dark polo shirt. the background is softly blurred.
Portrait of a smiling person with styled hair and a mustache, wearing red-rimmed glasses, a black t-shirt with a small white logo, and displaying tattooed arms. background is dark.
A man with a beard and glasses standing in front of green palm leaves, wearing a light gray shirt, looking directly at the camera.
A man stands against a plain white wall, wearing a dark suit and tie, smiling subtly at the camera. his posture is relaxed, and he appears professional and confident.
A smiling man wearing a blue checked waistcoat adorned with a colorful pocket square stands before a sign with the text "eastar meet the".
A portrait of a smiling man with a neat haircut, wearing a light pink shirt, against a transparent background. he appears friendly and professional.
A portrait of a smiling middle-aged man named Rajesh Kachroo, wearing a white shirt, standing against a plain, light-colored wall.
Portrait of a man with dark hair, wearing a light pink shirt and a pen in his shirt pocket, against a white background. he is looking directly at the camera.
A professional woman with long dark hair sitting at a desk, leaning her chin on her hand, wearing a floral blazer, looking directly at the camera with a slight smile.
A man wearing glasses and a dark burgundy vest over a light shirt, smiling slightly, against a plain light background.
A portrait of a middle-aged man wearing a blue checkered shirt, smiling slightly against a plain white background.
A portrait of a man wearing glasses and a dark blue suit jacket, standing against a light gray background. he has short black hair and is looking directly at the camera.

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