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Wadhwani Foundation exhorts start-ups to see COVID-19 crisis as ‘unprecedented opportunity’

The Wadhwani Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation, has lauded the undying spirit of start-ups and entrepreneurs for not giving in even after being hit badly by the coronavirus-induced business slump and exhorted them to see the crisis as an ‘unprecedented opportunity’.

On the occasion of World Entrepreneurs’ Day, the foundation has recommended start-ups to ‘not waste the crisis, as it provides an unprecedented opportunity to pivot to new businesses and diversify into growth verticals like healthcare, emerging tech, online education, grocery delivery and e-pharmacies.’ ‘The COVID-19 disruption has created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Data suggests that the best time to start a company is during a crisis. This pandemic is the mother of all crises, hence, also offers the mother of all opportunities. Please don’t waste the crisis, start something new or pivot to the new norm, and I wish you the very best,’ said Ajay Kela, the president and CEO of the Wadhwani Foundation.

The foundation has launched a special campaign — ‘Heart to heart: From one Entrepreneur to Another’ — focussing on knowledge sharing by leading entrepreneurs to help other start-ups and entrepreneurs reeling under the pandemic.

It has released a series of five video messages by leading entrepreneurs sharing their valuable experiences where they talk about their journey, the road to be a successful entrepreneur and the resilience required to tide over the COVID-19 crisis by turning adversity into business opportunity.


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