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NEN mentored entrepreneur, Kirthana Ramarapu speaks to Deccan Chronicle on her entrepreneurial journey

She believes that children who are active and exercise daily are more likely to build stronger bones, stay healthy, have a better outlook on life, have higher self-esteem and sleep better.

On World Entrepreneurs’ Day on August 21, we spoke to Bengaluru-based Kirthana Ramarapu who aims at helping develop your tyke’s skills through movement vocabulary, a combination of dance, fitness activities and academics.

“When we moved back with my two little kids from the US and were looking for different programmes here, we felt the need to introduce a quality programme in early childhood that not just focuses on a specific area, but on an overall development and makes learning fun. Movement, dance and music are always a big hit with kids and I saw there was a niche in the market. The two came together and materialised as my family and friends always told me about my strengths at creativity, dancing and children. Kinderdance magically coincided with my passion,” shares Kirthana.

Challenges for an entrepreneur are different at every stage. Confessing to the stumbling blocks in her path, she says, “Every day was and is a new challenge. As an entrepreneur, I’m always innovating to overcome challenges. I participate in many workshops through NEN as a speaker or being on panel discussions at various colleges and universities. This helps me bring back focus and learn new ideas. My first association with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) was through my first student Zoe. Her mom Laura Parkin introduced me to NEN. My first step was into their renowned programme 10K Women programme on Tools to Grow Your Business by entrepreneurial guru John Mullins, who was my mentor and prioritised my challenges the right way, directing me in a structured way to dance my way through, successfully. National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) gives opportunities for young achievers to reach greater heights by providing resources, workshops, networking platform and mentors.”

Explaining how it’s more than just a dance programme, the entrepreneur adds, “We use dancing as a tool to nurture early childhood. A two-year-old gets total child development through gross motor skills, movement creativity, physical development, learning movement vocabulary words while they are physically enacting the way through body awareness while learning numbers, colours, shapes and songs. I blend educational concepts, physical fitness, emotional and social development, cognitive and kinesthetic skills, language development, self-confidence and self-esteem within progressive lesson plans.”

She’s passionate about dance, music and positive upbringing of children for a brighter and healthier adulthood. “My hobbies include listening to music, irrespective of the language or style, playing the Sitar, travelling and painting,” she adds.

Deccan Chronicle

Deccan Chronicle - Kirthana Ramarapu
Deccan Chronicle – Kirthana Ramarapu

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