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Leverage Innovative Tools & Resources To Embrace Lifelong Learning

“These are indeed exciting times for education and skilling. The concept of co-pilots revolves around providing active support to learners. AI, particularly gen AI, holds immense potential in this regard,” says Mark Malaspina, CPO, Skilling, Wadhwani Foundation

Mark Malaspina, Chief Product Officer, Skilling at the Wadhwani Foundation delves into the transformative role of AI and co-pilots in education He shares insights into how these innovative tools are revolutionising learning experiences, empowering individuals, and accelerating skilling initiatives to foster long-term economic stability. He explains the potential impact of these initiatives for job seekers and young talent navigating today’s dynamic job market.

In this era dominated by digital advancements, could you shed some light on the significance of AI and co-pilots in the educational landscape? 

These are indeed exciting times for education and skilling. The concept of co-pilots revolves around providing active support to learners, guiding them through the learning process. AI, particularly generative AI, holds immense potential in this regard. It can personalise learning experiences, offer real-time feedback and adapt to individual learning needs, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of education and skilling initiatives.

About six months ago, Wadhwani Foundation embarked on a journey to harness the power of generative AI to support disadvantaged learners in acquiring essential skills for employment. Through initiatives like MyTutor, MyMentor and MyInterviewCoach, we’re integrating co-pilots into our educational platforms to personalise learning experiences, provide targeted assistance and enhance learners’ employability prospects.

Our co-pilots are designed to address specific learning and skill development needs, catering to diverse audiences. For instance, MyTutor focuses on imparting employability skills, while MyInterviewCoach helps individuals prepare for job interviews. What sets our co-pilots apart is their ability to personalise content, offer real-time assistance, and simulate real-world scenarios, thereby fostering a more immersive and effective learning experience.

Do you believe that these co-pilots contribute to instilling a sense of empowerment and ownership among learners?

By actively engaging learners, offering personalised support and tailoring content to their specific needs, our co-pilots empower individuals to take charge of their learning journey. Whether it’s seeking clarification, checking their understanding or preparing for real-world challenges, learners are equipped with the tools and resources they need to succeed, thereby fostering a sense of confidence and ownership.

How do you envision AI and co-pilots accelerating skilling initiatives?

We’re excited about the potential synergies between our co-pilots and existing government skilling platforms such as Skill India Digital, Bharat Skills and Swayam. By integrating our AI-driven solutions into these platforms, we can reach a wider audience and offer enhanced learning experiences to learners across the country. Moreover, through collaborations with government agencies, academic institutions and skill sector councils, we aim to further expand the reach and impact of our initiatives.

We’ve been actively engaging with various stakeholders, including government agencies, academic institutions and skill sector councils, to explore opportunities for collaboration. By aligning our efforts and resources, we can amplify the impact of our skilling initiatives and ensure that learners have access to high-quality educational resources and support services.

What outcomes do you anticipate from these initiatives?

Our ultimate goal is to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to secure gainful employment and achieve long-term economic stability. Through rigorous monitoring and evaluation, we aim to measure the impact of our initiatives on learners’ employability prospects and economic well-being, thereby ensuring that our efforts translate into tangible outcomes.

Any final words of advice, particularly for job seekers and young talent?

In today’s rapidly evolving economy, continuous learning and upskilling are key to staying competitive and advancing your career. I encourage job seekers and young talent to proactively seek out learning opportunities, leverage innovative tools and resources and embrace lifelong learning as a pathway to success. By taking ownership of your learning journey and staying adaptable in the face of change, you can position yourself for success in the dynamic job market of today and tomorrow.

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