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Top 10 Employability Skills in 2022

Did you know that companies give preference to candidates who, apart from technical knowledge, also possess employability skills? According to recent data from Skill Survey, 77% of employers believe employability or soft skills are just as important as hard or domain skills, while 67% of HR managers will hire candidates who are big on employability skills, even if their domain skills are weak.

In 2022, the top 10 employability skills or soft skills that will be essential to enhance your chances of getting employed and progressing in your career are as below:

1) Basic Communication

Communicating well is one of the most important skills for all spheres of life. It allows you to convey your message in the most precise and concise manner, exhibiting good body language and confidence.

Being a good listener, paying close attention to what others are saying, and asking for clarification in case of ambiguity is also part of basic communication.

2) Workplace Communication

Your job role may require you to coordinate and work closely with several people, from colleagues and clients to vendors and stakeholders. You need to show communication etiquette, write formal emails, and keep an open mind while communicating across various levels of the organization.

3) Customer-centricity

Customer-centricity is a vital skill for everyone, not just employees in customer-facing roles, to succeed in any business environment. Being truly customer-centric means keeping the customer at the Center of your strategy and solutions, listening to them and being empathetic.

4) Attitudes & Behavioral skills

Employees who possess a positive attitude and a professional outlook fare better in the workplace. The good news is that these qualities are not innate and can be picked up by anyone.

5) Digital Literacy

Knowing how to use a computer is an invaluable skill that allows you to function and participate in today’s digital world. You should be able to communicate using digital and social mediums and understand digital footprints, data security and online media.

6) Problem-solving Skills

Problem-solving skills refer to the ability to identify a problem in the most effective manner and with the most appropriate solution. You’ll need a critical-thinking mindset and the confidence to make solution-oriented decisions no matter which industry you choose.

7) Teamwork

Being a team player is a huge plus for every employee. A good team player is collaborative, helps fellow workers, participates in team projects, and handles conflicts with other employees professionally.

8) Workplace Awareness

Employees and leaders always seem extremely knowledgeable about the latest happenings in the industry. This is because they have honed workplace awareness skills, which involve keeping themselves updated with the latest developments, trends, and events in the business world.

9)  Entrepreneurial mindset

You don’t need to be a startup founder or with startup experience to possess an entrepreneurial mindset. Thinking like an entrepreneur helps you approach challenges, be a self-starter and focus on self-improvement.

10) Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is all about coming up with innovative solutions to challenges. This is achieved by having a fresh perspective on workplace issues, providing new insights for new solutions and critically examining issues with an unorthodox viewpoint.

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