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Episode 20: On bootstrapping, pivoting, supply chain networks, tech, and more
ft. Vinod Kumar, Founder, Naturally Yours

Episode 19: From launching NASSCOM to writing The Maverick Effect
ft. Harish Mehta

Episode 18: A-Z of starting up in the tech space
ft. Meghna Saraogi, Founder and CEO, mirrAR

Episode 17: Funding, scaling up & acquisition deals
ft. Arjun Vaidya, founder and investor

Episode 16: Future of Work, AI & Industry 4.0
ft. Robin Bhowmik, Manipal Global Skills Academy

Episode 15: Category creation, pricing, marketing
ft. Siddharth Ramasubramanian, Founder & CEO, Hello Tempayy

Episode 14: A – Z of running a social venture
ft. Amit Jain, Co-founder, Mitti Ke Rang

Episode 13: Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2022 panel discussion
ft. 4 women entrepreneurs

Episode 12: Business models, GTM strategy, Funding
ft. Shivjeet Ghatge, Co-founder, StepSetGo

Episode 11: Pivoting, funding, expansion
ft. Amandeep Srivastava, Black Eye Technologies

Episode 10: Funding, strategy, incubation
ft. Ratan Kumar, Founder, Encamp Adventures

Episode 9: Partnership, Marketing, Failure & more
ft. Gauri Malik, Founder, Sirohi

Episode 8: Mentoring, Skilling & Startups
ft. Samyak Chakrabarty, Founder, Workverse

Episode 7: Financial mistakes, learnings & growth
ft. Nisary Mahesh, Founder, HerMoneyTalks

Episode 6: Funding, pivoting, acquiring customers
ft. Kajal Malik, Co-founder, PickMyWork

Episode 5: Special Edition
ft. Ajay Kela, President & CEO, Wadhwani Foundation

Episode 4: Digitization, Financing and Marketing for SMEs
ft. Rajesh Setia, Founder & Director, TESTPAN India

Episode 3: AI and soft skills
ft. Sunil Dahiya, EVP, Wadhwani Opportunity

Episode 2: Advice on raising seed funding
ft. Ajay PV, Co-Founder, Scapic

Episode 1: Catalyzing the SME Ecosystem
ft. Samir Sathe, EVP, Wadhwani Advantage

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