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Fundação Wadhwani

Wadhwani Wadhwani Innovation Network (WIN) 

Forging Innovation Excellence: Empowering Academic Research to Drive Real-World Impact

Wadhwani Innovation Network (WIN) aims to fast-track the Commercialization of Academic Research to shape the future of innovation in emerging areas like Artificial Intelligence, including Generative AI and other advanced AI, Semiconductor Technology, Quantum Computing/Advanced Computing, Bioengineering and Healthtech, SpaceTech and Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology for a better tomorrow. As part of the first phase, we have partnered with AICTE and top-tier academic institutions such as IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IISc Bangalore, IIT Hyderabad, and C-CAMP to establish Centers of Excellence (WIN-COE). Each COE receives up to US$ 1 million in funding annually. 

A partnership with AICTE’s 13 Innovation Centers will further bolster the commercialization of translation research in the next 100+ higher education institutes aligned with the national agenda with an additional joint investment of $10M annually. These centers will provide funding and in-kind support to thousands of commercially viable research projects selected by a national jury of experts.  

Nossos Parceiros


Bioengineering and Biotechnology

IIT Delhi

Healthech and Bioengineering

IIT Kanpur

Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology (Therapeutics) and AI

IISc Bangalore

Quantum Computing

IIT Bombay

AI, Healthtech and Biotechnology (Therapeutics)

IIT Hyderabad

HealthTech, Advanced Computing and AI

The initiative builds on the success of the Wadhwani Research Center for Biotechnology and Biosciences (WRCB) at IIT Bombay, which, over eight years, has funded approximately 110 projects, eight of which have seen commercial success.  

Centro de Pesquisa Wadhwani para Biotecnologia (WRCB), IIT Bombaim

Founded in 2014 at IIT Bombay, WRCB is a center of excellence in translational research in bioengineering. It supports projects in diagnostics, therapeutics, MedTech and synthetic biology, resulting in

  • 100 projetos financiados 
  • 8 startup companies 
  • 6 tecnologias licenciadas para a indústria 
  • 80+ patentes 
  • 140+ publicações 

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