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Employability Skills Courses Can Get You Better Jobs

A recently released Global Skills Gap Report by Udemy reveals that 92% full-time employees in India agree that there’s a major skills gap in the country, and 76% of them are personally affected by it.

Skills gap refers to the gap between the skills employees possess and the skills companies look for. Various studies have shown that while hiring, organizations and HR leaders look for a good mix of technical skills and soft or employability skills. So, in today’s jobs landscape, it’s extremely important for candidates to focus on soft/employability skills to get better jobs and even promotions. Employability skills courses can help the employees to achieve what they aspire to accomplish.

Employability skills include several qualities like knowing how to communicate effectively in the workplace, working well in a team, and being customer centric. These skills help you use your technical knowledge more effectively, allowing you to be more productive and excel in your career. Employability skills like problem-solving and developing an entrepreneurial mindset fast track your career growth. While those like digital literacy allow you to work seamlessly in various kinds of business settings. Every organization should pay attention towards employability skills training.

While educational and technical institutes impart core, technical knowledge, the employability skills are often not given the same level of importance. However, the best part is that the employability skills can be picked up by anyone, at any stage in their career. There are many platforms today offering employability skills training in India.

Wadhwani Opportunity is one such program where the job seekers and currently employed professionals can learn soft skills, completely free-of-cost, and boost their chances of getting a great job. Its 21st century employability skills courses are designed after thorough research and inputs from industry experts and faculty members. These employability skills courses offer practical experience giving you the knowledge and confidence to land in your dream job.

Wadhwani Opportunity’s ‘Job Ready’ course is ideal in prepping you for job interviews. Preparing for an interview without proper guidance can be stressful, and it’s common for candidates to feel nervous. Through the ‘Job Ready’ course, you will gain an understanding of what to prepare for the interview and how to conduct yourself during the interview process. The course also teaches you how to follow-up once the interview is done, and how to accept a job offer. Apply for the free course here:

If you’re looking for career growth, Wadhwani Opportunity’s free ‘Job Rise’ course is apt for you. It will help you gain knowledge and develop the mindset needed to progress in your career. The course also includes lessons on how to shine at your workplace.

Apply today to excel in your career:
(For students who are ready to take up a job or professionals who have just started their career)

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