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The Importance and Need of Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

Currently, in India, the need for an entrepreneurship program is more potent than ever. Hence guiding students in the right light holds super importance. Entrepreneurship can actualize the potential of budding minds and boost the economy manifold. However, it is also true that although students get fascinated by this domain, it often becomes difficult for them to pursue it any further. It is because of the absence of the right mentorship and guidance to overcome the hurdles along their journey. One of the major reasons we suggest that you get into programs like the WE NEN. The program focuses on guiding college students about when, why, and how to initiate a start-up via case-study-based education.

Importance of The Entrepreneurship Programme:

Now that we have discussed the potential of entrepreneurship, it is also crucial to analyse what makes its development so important. Here are some critical reasons why entrepreneurship development is the need of the hour:

●    Better Job Opportunities:

One of the most important reasons to promote Entrepreneurship Programs in India is that they aid in better job opportunities. Entrepreneurs create numerous jobs as most industries need myriad people to work under various profiles. Hence, the job market gets a major boost. However, it can be only a direct consequence of a good entrepreneurship development program.

●    Gives Independent Working Environment:

Another promising tenet of entrepreneurship programs is that it boosts the independent working environment. One does not need to work under any specific boss, and that provides a lot of flexibility. Hence an entrepreneurship development program helps you in this arena as well.

●    Helps Entrepreneurs with A Vision:

This is probably one of the most significant aspects of the entrepreneurship development programs as they help one envision life and work. In most cases, entrepreneurs have many ideas, but they do not know how to implement them in the real world. This is where the development programs come into play and offer great value to budding entrepreneurs. The program also helps develop financial planning, which is essential for any entrepreneur to succeed.

●    Solves Problems of the Masses:

To succeed at his venture, an entrepreneur must focus on solving problems central to the mass population. An entrepreneurship program helps one have that vision, which can aid in building sustainable ventures. Having a potent vision for their entrepreneurial venture is crucial as it assists one make better decisions when in doubt.

●    Boosts The Economy of The Country:

Entrepreneurship programs also play a crucial role in the economic aspect of the country. Since our economy needs an economic boost, promoting entrepreneurship can prove to be a step in the right direction as development programs focus on creating jobs, which help create a better cash flow. In addition, entrepreneurship programs also help improve the standard of living, which is essential to improve the current economic strata of the country.

●    Take Account of Local Resources:

For a country to have better GDP, the economic growth of its states matters as well. And a state’s growth is possible with the use of local resources. Entrepreneurial programs, in most cases, educate on the use local resources, which further creates a demand for the same and is ultimately beneficial for revenue generation, in turn promoting economic jurisprudence.


Entrepreneurial programs are the need of the hour. There can be nothing better than being part of programs where you get the right kind of mentoring. It is one of the major reasons we think that getting in touch with Wadhwani Foundation can boost your entrepreneurship journey. It belongs to the genre of a non-profit organization and is highly beneficial for individuals focusing on the training and guidance programs!

The WEN IGNITE Program collaborates with educational institutes to mainstream entrepreneurship education at their campus by enabling its students in the later years of their graduate/post-graduate programs, recent graduates, and/or alumni to build upon their business ideas from scratch and convert them into potential Real Ventures. WEN also trains and supports the faculty, facilitates exposure to mentors and experts, and provides word-class entrepreneurship content. All this at NO COST to the institutes and students.

Interested Institutes can apply here:

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