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BW People & Wadhwani Foundation’s HR Meet-Up Sparks Innovation In Employability Skills Landscape

The pivotal focus of the initiative was to facilitate insightful discussions among the HR fraternity, leading to the creation of an unprecedented report titled “Unlocking Success: The Why and What of Employability Skills”

The swift progress in technology has reshaped the dynamics of the job market across various sectors, emphasising the pressing requirement for employability skills that enhance a candidate’s appeal in the fiercely competitive job landscape.

In a groundbreaking event, BW People, in association with Wadhwani Foundation, successfully brought together HR leaders and industry veterans for a strategic HR Meet-Up on 2 February 2024, at The Leela Ambience, Gurugram. The pivotal focus of the event was to facilitate insightful discussions among the HR fraternity, leading to the creation of an unprecedented report titled “Unlocking Success: The Why and What of Employability Skills.”

Ajay Kela, President & CEO, Wadhwani Foundation commented, “The HR Meet-Up was an inspiring platform for collaborative discussions on shaping a future-ready workforce. The fusion of AI and a skill-first approach to hiring emerged as a key strategy. I’m excited about the candid insights and potential partnerships that emerged from this discussion with the HR leaders.”

In a dynamic and innovative approach, HR leaders were grouped to engage in a collaborative brainstorming session, contributing diverse viewpoints and ideologies from various industry sectors for the creation of a comprehensive report. The deliberations centered around four key aspects, beginning with the challenges encountered by HR in recruiting mid-level skill positions, exploring solutions to bridge skill gaps and strategies for attracting top talent. Shifting focus to talent retention and progression, the leaders analysed challenges, identified gaps in retention strategies, and shared insights on fostering long-term employee engagement. The discussion also delved into a critical examination of productivity metrics, assessing the feasibility of achieving Day 1 productivity for new hires, and proposing best practices for overall employee productivity enhancement. Lastly, the insights emphasised the evolving landscape of employability skills in the 21st century, highlighting the increasing significance of soft skills. It offered valuable insights and strategies for developing these skills, aiming to drive individual and organisational success.

Sunil Dahiya, Executive Vice President, Skilling, Wadhwani Foundation stated, “The strategic HR Meet-Up reinforced the importance of collaboration in redefining the employability skills landscape. It was inspiring to engage with industry experts and explore innovative solutions for impactful change in workforce development.”

“We are thrilled to have brought together esteemed HR leaders and industry veterans for this transformative meet-up. The successful exploration of the ‘Unlocking Success: The Why and What of Employability Skills’ report marks a pioneering initiative that underscores the crucial role of employability skills in national development. This event stands as a significant milestone in fostering impactful contributions to the workforce of the future, and we are excited about the meaningful outcomes that will shape the future of HR management and organizational development,” said Talees Rizvi, Director, BW People & BW CFO World.

Additionally, the Wadhwani Foundation unveiled three new AI Co-Pilots to enhance the employability of youth and young adults across the nation. The new functionality is a critical addition to the Foundation’s AI-powered, Genie.AI platform – aimed at upskilling job seekers, especially those from underserved communities. Genie.AI provides over 1000 hours of skilling and entrepreneurship content, backed by a network of experts and mentors. Offering free, tailored learning in English, Hindi and Kannada, with expansion plans in other Indian languages, the platform partners with government and global entities to enable learning for a wide audience – aiming to reach 10 million learners by 2027.

Commenting on the initiative, Mark Malaspina, Chief Product Officer, Skilling, Wadhwani Foundation said, “Participating in the HR Meet-Up was enlightening. A skilled and adaptable workforce is the need of the hour and, I’m eager to implement the insights on how we can drive meaningful outcomes to equip individuals and organizations with the skills and supportive technology they need to thrive in the evolving job market.”

“We are immensely pleased with the resounding success of the HR Meet-Up. The collaborative efforts and insights shared by esteemed HR leaders have set the stage for a transformative journey. The energy and commitment witnessed during the event propel us forward, and we are eager to translate these meaningful outcomes into impactful contributions to the future of HR management and organizational development. It’s an exciting time for innovation and progress in the realm of employability skills,” shared Gaurav Saini, Chief Human Resources Officer, Wadhwani Foundation.

In the aftermath of this groundbreaking initiative, the post-event atmosphere resonates with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation. The collaborative efforts of over 30 HR leaders and industry veterans during the strategic HR Meet-Up have laid the foundation for a comprehensive report. As the event concludes, the ripple effects of these deliberations are poised to contribute meaningfully to national development, fostering a skilled, adaptable and empowered workforce.

Source: BW People

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