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Engagement Challenge, Expert Sessions, Online Classes and More


The challenge of engagement in learning.

Engaging students in learning behavioral skills represents a significant challenge, both in-person and online. The key to overcoming this obstacle lies in making sessions more interactive and engaging, and as a facilitator, you can use techniques such as discussion groups, role plays, and instant feedback to keep students interested and active during learning.

Easy tips to help you in your daily life:

Personalization of Content: Adapt sessions to students’ specific needs. This may include using relevant examples that resonate with their personal or professional experiences, thus increasing interest and connection with the material.

Interactive Methods: Integrate practical activities such as games with role-playing, simulations, and group discussions. These activities allow students to apply what they have learned in a practical context and stimulate interaction among participants.

Use of Technology: Digital tools can be great allies in creating more engaging learning experiences. Platforms that allow real-time interaction, such as polls, quizzes, and discussion forums, can increase participation and keep students active during sessions.

Continuous Feedback: Provide regular and constructive feedback. This not only helps students better understand what they are learning but also keeps them motivated and engaged by realizing that their development is being closely monitored.

Collaborate Activities on the Wadhwani Foundation platform: In all lessons of the “Employability Skills” program modules, there are activity suggestions that can be used during facilitation and can be found in the “Classroom” option in the “Collaborate” tab or access the toolkit of the “My mentor” functionality and click on “Collaborate Activity” to receive a customized suggestion automatically using the information from the lesson content and the job suggested by you when clicking on this option.

To reflect

By implementing these strategies, “Collaborate” sessions will have more engagement, increasing not only students’ engagement but also the effectiveness of learning. Remember: an interactive and inclusive learning environment is key to developing deep and lasting behavioral skills.

Soft Skills in Motion

Sessions with experts for diverse discussions on behavioral skills.

In a world of constant change and the advancement of new forms of engagement, work and relationships, knowing how to act and which behavioral skills will be used to solve issues or conflicts can make a difference for employability success and the quality and maintenance of interpersonal relationships in various life scenarios.

In an effort to bring diverse perspectives on soft skills topics for deepening and reflection, the Wadhwani Foundation will invite experts to discuss and showcase new insights on how behavioral skills can make a difference for those who know how to use them strategically and effectively. This May, on XX/05 at XXh, guest XXX will speak on the topic XXX and share a bit about their story and how this behavioral skill made a difference in their life. Access our platform and secure your spot.

Online Classes on Job Ready Program Modules Starting in May

Starting in May, students will have the opportunity to participate in Collaborate sessions online, taught by the Wadhwani Foundation, which will serve as another tool to support learning of the behavioral skills that are part of the ‘Employability Skills’ program.

There will be 15 monthly classes, each providing an overview of one of the skills.

Through dynamics and exchange of experiences, students will be able to practice the knowledge acquired on the Wadhwani Foundation platform and, to access online classes, simply click on the course and on the “Online Sessions” tab in the line above, where the classes and registration dates. After registering for the session, the student will see the online class in the calendar on the platform’s home page.

The online classes for students are a reinforcement in learning behavioral skills beyond the sessions conducted by the facilitators of the institution you are part of, meaning it’s another option for you to prepare more and more to reach your goals. Enjoy!

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