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Employability Skills Certification for Better Career Prospects

According to a Wall Street Journal survey, 92% of executives say employability or soft skills are equally or more important than technical or domain skills. Employability skills are important because they affect how you interact with co-workers, how you approach problems, how you manage your time, the way you absorb new information and the way you go about your daily job more productively. If your take professional help, you will be awarded with employability skills certificate which you can showcase and your chances of getting better employment increases.

While hiring, organizations look for candidates with strong employability skills because while technical skills can be taught on the job, it’s difficult for companies to transfer employability skills. Therefore, a certificate course in employability skills can be a good bet for bagging better jobs and quickly moving up the career ladder. This employability skills certificate will be your ticket to more lucrative jobs than your peers.

Employability skills courses improve your communication skills (verbal and non-verbal), make you a better team player, teach you attitude and behavioral skills, make you customer-centric and inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset. Hence, taking an employability skills course will make you adaptable – a much-needed quality in today’s times. In pandemic times, most organizations need to change how they function. Hiring managers still greatly value a flexible work style, a person who can think calmly and critically even in a crisis and has problem-solving skills.

A certified employability skills course will also make you emotionally intelligent. Once again, thanks to the pandemic, this is a high demand skill. Employees and leaders need to understand and name the emotions in fellow workers and understand their own emotions. This reflects on how a person gives and receives feedback, handles stress, and works in a team.

Today, there are various platforms available for getting certified in employability skills. Wadhwani Opportunity is one such platform that offers training completely free of cost. After completing the course, you will be awarded an employability skills certificate.

Wadhwani Opportunity’s Job Ready course will help you boost your confidence, teach you how to participate in group discussions, and improve your communication skills (including verbal and written communication and active listening). You will also learn how to negotiate, positively handle customers, manage time, and acquire emotional intelligence. The course also includes lessons on how to appear in job interviews successfully. There’s a lot of preparation needed before you appear for an interview, and the course will help you succeed and understand how to follow up with the company.

Wadhwani Opportunity’s Job Rise course will help you advance in your career. It teaches you the mindset needed for career growth, handling change, paying attention to detail, making decisions, responding to criticism, and improving productivity.

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