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A smiling woman with short brown hair reads a book while sitting at a wooden table in an arched, columned structure, suggesting an engagement in a public or open-air
A person's hand touching a digital screen displaying the word "innovation" within the Wadhwani Innovation research program, surrounded by futuristic blue light effects and circuit graphics.
Reflective cubes with text projected on them, showing words like "integrate," "obstruct," and "Democratizing Learning" in a visually striking, artistic display.
A close-up of a computer screen displaying code in a dark theme, focusing on css properties like color, background-color, and font-weight, unlocking possibilities for advanced customization.
A hand holding a light bulb against a backdrop of a sunset sky, with clouds tinted in hues of orange and blue, symbolizing 2024 innovations.
Close-up of a green circuit board with electronic components including resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuits at the Wadhwani Electronics Lab.
True generosity is about changing the lives of others. I chose to create a Foundation focused on accelerating job creation – Dr. Romesh Wadhwani
Dr. Wadhwani has devoted his life to connecting technology with social welfare needs – Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi
10-point Action Plan for India’s biggest bane, “JOBLESS GROWTH”
Picture Blog
Two workers in a warehouse, one using a handheld device near shelves stacked with boxes and industrial goods, and another standing by with a pallet jack loaded with boxes, showcasing the evolving job landscape in industrial environments
A group of diverse women engaging in an interactive learning session around a conference table in a modern office setting, with laptops and personal items visible.
A woman with curly hair smiling and holding a light bulb next to her head, suggesting a moment of inspiration or idea. She wears a green top and pink lipstick, portraying employability skills through creative visualization
A smiling woman with short brown hair reads a book while sitting at a wooden table in an arched, columned structure, suggesting an engagement in a public or open-air
A tray of neatly arranged electronic circuit boards, designed for AI applications, featuring various components and connectors, stored in a transparent plastic container.
A woman sits at a narrow bar table by a window, using a laptop and holding a cup of coffee. Engrossed in her freelancing work, she wears a denim jacket, with her hair
Four red game pieces and one black game piece, arranged to suggest leadership or separation, on a light background with shadows.
Why is being detail-oriented important to grow your small business
A digital artwork featuring a cluster of textured, abstract forms in blue, yellow, and green against a grid backdrop influenced by AI Development. The forms appear organic, resembling coral or cellular structures.
A diverse group of colleagues engage lively in a meeting discussing funding strategies. One man gestures enthusiastically while others, including a smiling woman, listen around a table filled with papers and supplies.
A young woman looking concerned while using a laptop at a table, her hand on her forehead as she gazes at the screen in a brightly lit room, possibly contemplating the future of assessment.
A focused man in a suit working on a laptop and writing in a notebook at an outdoor cafe table, dealing with entrepreneurial setbacks, with modern office buildings in the background.

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