New Delhi, 31st Jan 2024 – The Wadhwani Centre for Government Digital Transformation (WGDT), in collaboration with the Capacity Building Commission (CBC), is delighted to announce a significant milestone in their joint endeavour to empower government officials with knowledge about new and emerging technologies. Their flagship course has now been successfully completed by 200,000 govt officials on the iGOT Karmyayogi Learning Management System of the Government of India. This accomplishment signifies a substantial step forward in their mission to promote digital transformation within government services.

This noteworthy accomplishment highlights the critical importance of enhancing the capabilities of government employees, ensuring they possess the tools and knowledge needed to adeptly navigate and harness technological advancements for the improvement of public service delivery.

A Commitment to Digital Excellence

The course, designed to introduce government officials to the latest in digital innovation, including AI, blockchain, and data analytics, has seen unprecedented engagement. It reflects the growing recognition of the need for digital literacy and competency in the government sector to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The collaboration between the Wadhwani Centre for Government Digital Transformation and the Capacity Building Commission has been instrumental in creating a comprehensive and practical curriculum. The course provides insights into applying emerging technologies in government, aiming to enhance efficiency, transparency, and citizen service delivery.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Adil Zainulbhai, Chairman of the Capacity Building Commission said, “As part of Mission Karmayogi, a large number of civil servants were to understand emerging technologies and apply it in their work. Wadhwani Foundation developed the digital course on Emerging Technologies on and this has now been taken by 200,000 civil servants. Our strategy is to foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation among government employees. This milestone signifies the eagerness and readiness of govt workforce to lead digital transformation initiatives.”

“The journey to 200,000 learners is not just a number but a testament to the commitment of government officials to embrace digital transformation,” said Prakash Kumar, CEO of the Wadhwani Centre for Government Digital Transformation. “This milestone is a reflection of vision of the Capacity Building Commission to build a future-ready government workforce.”, he added.

As the course attracts more government officials eager to enhance their digital skills, the Wadhwani Centre for Government Digital Transformation, guided by the Capacity Building Commission, has developed five new courses on new and emerging technologies and committed to expanding its offerings with five additional courses on the government’s iGOT LMS. The objective is to further support the development of a robust digital ecosystem within the government, ensuring public services are not only efficient but also inclusive and innovative. The course’s success emphasizes the need for ongoing investment in capacity building, stressing the critical role of digital literacy in the public sector’s ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

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About the Capacity Building Commission

The Capacity Building Commission is committed to enhancing the skills and capabilities of government employees through targeted training programs and initiatives. The Commission’s work ensures that the government workforce is equipped to meet the demands of modern governance and service delivery.

About the Wadhwani Centre for Government Digital Transformation

The Wadhwani Centre for Government Digital Transformation is an initiative of Wadhwani Foundation and is dedicated to empowering government officials with the knowledge and skills to leverage digital technologies for effective governance. Through comprehensive training programs and partnerships, the Centre aims to drive digital transformation efforts across government departments and agencies. The Centre also conducts classroom-based training programs in partnership with Central and State Training Institutions. In past two years, more than 5,000 govt officials have been trained by the centre. The purpose of these training programs is to create a trigger, where and how the official can possibly leverage the power of a technology to either address the existing challenge or create a new service. It is hearting to share that the adoption happening consistently over months and 16 projects were initiated by the officials trained by WGDT.

About Wadhwani Foundation
Wadhwani Foundation is a global not-for-profit with the primary mission of accelerating economic development by driving job creation through large-scale initiatives in skilling, entrepreneurship, government digital transformation and innovation & research. Founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, the Foundation today is scaling impact across multiple countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America through innovative programs that leverage the latest technology and expansive global networks to democratize access to world-class resources needed to improve livelihood and change lives. Website:

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