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Check these useful insights on Wadhwani innovation & research program

Wadhwani Innovation & Research promotes technological innovation and advanced computing research to craft real-world solutions. This program promotes revolutionary innovations from research on new technology to commercial success. Through close collaboration with a wide network of researchers, students, top educational institutions, entrepreneurs, and scientists, it envisions establishing a global network of innovation centers. These centers will focus on advancing commercially viable research and innovation, aiming to launch numerous successful startups worldwide in AI, Bioengineering, and HealthTech.

  1. Wadhwani Research Center for Biotechnology (WRCB), IIT Bombay, was established in 2014 with the aim of promoting excellence in translational research in bioengineering. The center is committed to fostering interdisciplinary research projects that cover a wide range of areas such as diagnostics, therapeutics, MedTech, and synthetic biology. By providing funding support and assisting in fundraising efforts, WRCB plays a pivotal role in nurturing and expanding a thriving deep tech translational ecosystem in healthcare and life sciences at IIT Bombay. Its achievements include:

  • Funding 100 projects
  • Incubating 10 startup companies
  • Licensing 6 technologies to industry
  • Securing over 80 patents
  • Contributing to more than 140 publications

  1. Wadhwani Electronic Labs (WEL) at IIT Bombay, active since 2001, empowers high-achieving B.Tech and M.Tech students to develop significant innovations in electronic systems. Transitioning from a traditional lab for curricular courses to a center of electronic activities, WEL features cutting-edge facilities for project and product development. Annually, over 1,700 students use WEL for lab courses and projects, while its content has reached beyond 400 colleges across India. This outreach effort enhances the educational experiences of over 2,500 teachers and students. WEL’s contributions since its inception include:
  • Impacting over 20,000 students
  • Manufacturing 3,000+ hardware kits
  • Employing 250+ research assistants and staff
  • Offering 12+ courses

  1. Wadhwani AI emerged from the visionary efforts of Dr. Romesh and Sunil Wadhwani, dedicated to leveraging AI for the betterment of underserved communities in developing nations. Since mid-2021, it has actively deployed AI solutions designed to uplift those in dire need. Collaborating with government entities and global nonprofits, Wadhwani AI ensures that its technological advancements tangibly enhance the lives of the most vulnerable populations, fulfilling its mission to harness AI’s power for social good.

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